Athena Dynamics – Pentester Academy Partnership

2021 March 162021 March 16
12:00 am12:00 am - 12:00 pm
8 Penjuru Lane 8 Penjuru Lane

Event Details

Nyan Tun Zaw, Athena Dynamics VP, Business Development, is featured In this episode of Pentester Academy TV’s Cybersec Career Chats (C3).

In this video, Zaw shares about his personal experiences in the growing cybersecurity industry.

He also shares about the type of people that IT / cybersecurity companies look for when hiring, and the types of challenges newcomers may expect to face.

Athena Dynamics sources and distributes proven technologies to Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. The company focuses on cybersecurity, especially in Critical Information Infra-structure Protection and Enterprise IT Operation Management products and Services. 

Athena Dynamics Academy, a newly launched program, focuses on the educational side of cybersecurity. We believe that educated personnel and effective cyber technology need to work hand in hand to maintain online security. As such, while Athena Dynamics provides you with the latest cyber security solutions, we at Athena Dynamics Academy will provide you with the latest cybersecurity knowledge. Click here to find out more about us.

Special thanks to Pentester Academy for hosting us and making this video possible. Pentester Academy TV, the media arm of Pentester Academy, provides the cyber security community with programs focusing on cyber security education, learning, research articles and blogs.