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Athena Dynamics secured cyber security orders of approximately S$4.2m in aggregate

2021 July 52021 July 5

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BH Global Corporation Ltd (“BH Global” or the “Group”), is pleased to announce that Athena Dynamics Pte Ltd (“Athena Dynamics”), a majority-owned subsidiary company of the Group under the Cyber Security Division, has secured orders of approximately S$ 4.2 million in aggregate in the first half of 2021. The orders are to be fulfilled progressively from 3Q 2021 until 4Q 2022 and not expected to have a significant impact on the performance of the Group for the current financial year.

The orders mainly involve the provision of advisory, professional services and special technologies, and they are fulfilled by working closely with world renowned partners with high-order cyber security propositions in the protection of sensitive digital assets and critical information infra-structures (“CIIs”) from cyber-attacks. These orders, comprising new and repeated ones, are from government agencies, critical info-infrastructure operators, multi-national companies and small-medium enterprises. The subsidiary’s outlook going forward remains realistically strong with high probability leads which it hopes to convert before the end of the year.

Collectively, Athena Dynamics has secured projects in more than 120 companies in Singapore and the region since its inception in 2014. It will continue to focus on delivering quality innovations, product development, technology renewal, regional expansion as well as maritime cyber security sector as its key growth strategy moving forward.

“We are pleased to see the meaningful growth journey of Athena Dynamics which is a live example of successful business transformation by a home-grown company. Many may not be aware that Athena Dynamics was a spin-off of BH Global Group’s IT department after the department discovered specific disruptive technologies that protect better than traditional approaches. The spinoff company offers tremendous values to our customers with its wealth of IT operation experiences. We hope to continue the good practices of Athena Dynamics, focusing on operational viability, and bring forth actionable insights to the industries.”, said Vincent Lim, CEO of BH Global.

“In today’s complex threat landscape, traditional detection-centric only methods are no longer sufficient when advanced and sophisticated threats are in the first place almost undetectable. ‘Detect nothing therefore does not mean safe.’ A new paradigm that is not detection-centric is so urgently needed to truly protect. We are therefore committed to continuously educate and share on common misconception and misfocus of traditional cyber protection approaches.”, said Ken Soh, CEO of Athena Dynamics.

“The fact that repeated orders are secured speaks volume on the credibility and values of Athena Dynamics’ solutions. With that, Athena Dynamics is well poised for regional and global expansion with a strong base of know-how and credentials.”, added Vincent.

About BH Global Corporation Limited (Bloomberg Code: BHGM.SP

BH Global Corporation Ltd is an established group providing solutions internationally through five key
divisions: Electrical and Technical Supply, Green LED Lighting, Integration Engineering, Cyber Security
and Infrared Thermal Sensing Technology.
The Group is focused on continual transformation through sustainable Digitalization, Electrification
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About Athena Dynamics Pte Ltd 

A trusted Advisory and Distributor of Disruptive IT & OT Cyber Protection Technologies

Established in 2014, Athena Dynamics Pte Ltd (“Athena Dynamics”) is a 85%-owned subsidiary of BH
Global Corporation Ltd. It sources and bridges disruptive protection technologies to Singapore and the
Asia Pacific region. Athena Dynamics has since its inception achieved numerous success stories in
protection of more than 120 customers and Critical Info-Infrastructures (CIIs) in the public and private
It has won various industry awards such as the Most Promising Industrial IoT Security Solutions Award,
IDG/IBM/Adobe ASEAN TOP 50 CIO Awards and CSA Cyber Security Award 2018 Finalist
The Good Hackers’ Alliance (“gha”) formed by Athena Dynamics comprises credible and ethical hacker
groups with state-level competencies. gha has since helped more than 30 organizations large and
small in fulfilling their cyber security service needs.
Athena Dynamics is a pure-play cyber security advisory firm and is fully independent of any state-level
relationship. This gives the company neutrality to assist entities with cyber protection of their
Enterprise Information Technology platforms (IT) and Industrial Control Operation Technology
Systems (OT). This is especially important as a trusted protector of Critical National InfoInfrastructures (CNII) and Multi-National Companies.
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