Charting Maritime Cybersecurity Risks

2021 July 12021 July 1
2:00 pm2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Event Details

With the interconnectivity in the logistics chain is growing in the age of IoT, from the vessel and its systems, the maritime industry is poised as a prime target due to the increasing attack surface. The IMO 2021 deadline is way passed, how can you stay ahead of the enemy? There is no doubt that the maritime sector faces increasing cyber risk, but what are the realistic cyber security threats confronting ship operators and what are the implications for them?

On 1st July 2021, Athena Dynamics hosted a webinar with experts from Bureau Veritas, Samsung SDS Asia Pacific and Alibaba Cloud focusing on maritime cybersecurity risks – to explore realistic cyber vulnerabilities, attack consequences and how insurers and policies may or may not respond.

Panel Speakers:

  • Oren T.Dvoskin, Global Marketing Director, Sasa Software
  • Kevin Bielicki, Counter-Terrorism and Physical Security Analyst, Flashpoint
  • Austin Turecek, Analyst II, Flashpoint
  • Professor Yu Chien Siang, Chief Innovation and Trust Officer, Amaris.AI
  • Ilya Feigin, Senior Engineer, Security Strategy Team, Samsung SDS
  • Boon Peng Lau, Director, Solutions Architecture, Menlo Security
  • Mike Leow, Senior Compliance Manager, Alibaba Cloud
  • Philippe Vaquer, Cybersecurity Operations Manager, Bureau Veritas
  • Oren Kaplan, Director of Sales, APAC, Pentera