DiCyFor Virtual Security Summit: Turning Your Black box into a White Box – How We Can Benefit From Next Generation Binary Analysis

2021 March 182021 March 18
10:30 am10:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Ewen David Lim, Athena Dynamics Regional VP, Business Development, spoke at The DiCyFor Virtual Security Summit 

The DiCyFor Virtual Security Summit is a multi-streamed, global event which took place in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Australia and the UK. In the presentation, he discusses about how one can benefit from next generation binary analysis, especially through SAST (Static Application Security Test) tools. 

He also stressed the importance of identifying the various vulnerabilities that applications face, especially pertaining to their source code and rectifying them before any malicious actors can take advantage of them and compromise the application. 

Ewen also presented and demonstrated how Solar appScreener, a powerful and capable SAST tool offered by Athena Dynamics. It can be used to scan the source code and root out such vulnerabilities in the application with ease. It is also capable of scanning binaries without debug information with a high degree of accuracy. 

You can also watch the whole video of Ewen’s presentation here 

Athena Dynamics sources and distributes proven technologies to Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. The company focuses on cybersecurity, especially in Critical Information Infra-Structure Protection and Enterprise IT Operation Management products and Services.  

Special thanks to DiCyFor for hosting us and making this video possible. DiCyFor is a global summit which brings together industry leaders from the Cyber Security, Cloud Security and Digital Forensics industries to discuss not only the latest challenges facing these sectors but also the solutions to these constantly evolving threats. DiCyFor also provides an avenue for industry leaders to share and present their revolutionary new technologies and the latest solutions the market has to offer.