GHA MOU Signing 2015

2015 November 262015 November 26

Event Details

MOU Signing Ceremony at KICC Partners’ Day

The exclusive partnership between Athena Dynamics and NSHC marks an important milestone in the Critical Infra-structure Protection (CIP) landscapes. The collaboration brings about a complete and world-class protection proposition for critical infra-structure
at national and enterprise levels.

Today, it is unfortunate that the security health level of critical infra-structure installations depends significantly on the quality of vulnerability assessment. While the market is not short of pen-test offerings, it is important to distinguish and
hire the true and quality players to do the “white-hat hacking”.

NSHC’s differentiators are well manifested in its winnings in many of the world-class hacking competitions year after year where thousands of participants from all over the world were involved. In a recent assignment, NSHC has even managed to access the
door control function of a water dam in just 7 hours simply via internet access.

Athena Dynamics synergizes directly with NSHC’s offering with a strong set of well-deployed CIP products originated from Israel, Sweden and the U.S. These products, coupled with a strong health assessment, process and people factors, would collectively
help organizations and nations protect their critical assets in a holistic manner.

The signing of MOU is in-line with the collaborative spirits between Korea and Singapore which was well reflected in the MOU linked between IDA and NIPA in July 2014.

Signing the MOU were CEO of Athena Dynamics Ken Soh, and CEO of NSHC Louis Hur.

“We are very excited with this strategic alliance. It is a unique synergy of strength, especially now that both parties are even physically residing under the same roof in the same premise as one united entity to help protect many from the malicious intents
of the ever increasing menace and complexity of advanced hacking techniques.”, said Ken.

“This is a natural union of competency and tools at world class level. The alliance does not only give NSHC access to new markets and businesses, most importantly, it augments NSHC with a suite of world-class security tools which are already proven in many of their reference sites.”, said Louis.