2020 September 242020 September 24
2:30 pm2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Event Details

Everything You Need to Know About Staying Cybersecure on a Budget

Why Now?

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many SMEs are forced to work from home. Your business revenue is now dependent on how fast you adapt to these new remote working conditions. However, with remote working comes higher cybersecurity risks.

So, as an SME owner, how should you transform your business securely to address these present-day challenges?

We know that you need to continue to service your existing customers, pitch new businesses, meet with employees, and do whatever it takes to keep your company running. Hence, it is incredibly important for you to keep your business cyber safe to keep going with peace of mind! That’s why we are making Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Application Security for everyone, even for SMEs that are working on a budget.

Overview of 60-minute Webinar

  • The COVID-19 financial & reputational risks to SMEs

  • How SMEs can apply for the IMDA Grant and get 80% subsidy for essential cybersecurity tools

  • How Datagemini Sierra survived critical COVID-19 business challenges with the IMDA Grant

    Distinguished Speakers​

    1. Ng Aik Hock. Assistant Director. Innovation & Tech Ecosystem Division. IMDA.

    2. Ken Soh. CEO. Athena Dynamics.

    3. Ewen Lim. Regional Vice President. Athena Dynamics.

    4. Ru Ren Siak. Assistant Vice President. TÜV SÜD.

    5. Goh Weihan. Assistant Professor. Singapore Institute of Technology.

    6. Mike Tan. End User & IMDA Grant Applicant. Datagemini Sierra.