Malaysia DiCyFor Virtual Security Summit 2021: Stepping up the game in security testing and cyber awareness campaigns

2021 June 302021 June 30
4:00 pm4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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For most of us, doing annual vulnerability assessment and penetration testings (VAPT) could sometimes be painful and costly due to the intensive workload involved in finding the right vendor, managing the testing and setting expectations, fine-tuning the findings and doing remediations. There are now much more efficient and automated ways to do this, which will help the team to focus on more important things. Same goes for Cyber Awareness portion where “people” is consistently still the weakest link to an organization’s security. So how do we tackle this more efficiently?

Speaking at DiCyFor Malaysia Security Summit, Nyan Tun Zaw, Athena Dynamics VP, Business development shone some light on these new developments.

The Malaysia Dicyfor Security Summit is an important annual event, featuring over 200 participants, a virtual expo and cutting edge talks from leaders in the region. Given the current climate, IT security teams are facing ever evolving threats, and this summit aims to tackle the latest issues, providing actionable best practices to take back to one’s respective team.

You can watch Zaw’s presentation here.

Athena Dynamics sources and distributes proven technologies to Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. The company focuses on cybersecurity, especially in Critical Information Infra-Structure Protection and Enterprise IT Operation Management products and Services. Special thanks to DiCyFor for hosting us and making this video possible.