Strategic Partnership with Sasa-Software (Israel)

2019 February 12019 February 1

Event Details

Strategic partnership will see the formation of Sasa-Software’s regional APAC headquarter in Singapore.

This provides further opportunities to expand the reach of Sasa-Software’s proven Content Dis-arm and Re-construction (CDR) Technologies, aiding the protection of Critical Info-Infrastructures (CIIs) and Separated Secured Networks in the APAC region

“As high-profile breaches continue to make headlines globally and now even at home, such as the Singhealth data leak, this is a timely and strategic partnership in response to the global deficiency in mainly detection based cyber security strategies. It is especially so when threat vectors today are not just highly sophisticated in depth, but also expanding rapidly in breath from attacking enterprise IT systems to CIIs such as Operational Technologies (OT) and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) platforms in Industrial Control Systems. Sasa-APAC will benefit CIIs in the region directly through increased accessibility to CDR realisation skills and experiences. With that, we hope to change the common detection-centric mindset in most cyber-protection strategies today”, said Mr Ken Soh, Chief Information Officer, BH Global and Chief Executive Officer, Athena Dynamics Pte Ltd.

BH Global Congratulates Athena Dynamics on their Success!

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