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2020 December 22020 December 2
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White Ops, the global leader in collective protection against sophisticated bot attacks and fraud prevention, has partnered with Singapore-based cybersecurity firm Athena Dynamics, to bring first-class anti-bot cybersecurity solutions to Singapore and across Asia.
The partnership will bring together White Ops’ expertise in sophisticated bot mitigation fraud prevention and Athena Dynamics’ excellent track records in governmental and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, to support partners in local and regional landscapes with their enterprise security thought leadership and experiences.
Marketers will be empowered to evade sophisticated bots disguised as humans online while the Application Integrity solution protects enterprises against fraud and abuse of applications by leveraging White Ops’ Marketing Integrity solution. Both products will be marketed by Athena Dynamics with local competency developed to offer first-line support to customers.
Ryan James Murray, Director (APAC) at White Ops says, “Global businesses on average lose $13m (USD) per year to cybercrime. As businesses throughout the region today accelerate digital transformation investment efforts the safekeeping of digital assets is becoming of paramount importance.”
The White Ops Marketing Integrity offering helps marketers reduce risk of wasted performance advertising spend, improving customer acquisition cost and lifetime value and ultimately lowering marketing tech stack cost. Application Integrity protects enterprises against security threats such as account takeovers, credential theft and web scraping amongst other use cases providing digital asset owners assurance that their platforms and customers will not be compromised by cyberthreats stemming from sophisticated bot attacks. We look forward to working with Athena Dynamics to bring our partners peace of mind when it comes to the security of their digital assets.”
“Up to 50% of online traffic and interactions, today, are fraudulent thanks to bots. Through White Ops’ synergistic credentials, and Athena Dynamics’ track record in Critical Info-Infrastructure (CII) protection. We’ll strengthen the relevant competency and help partners across the region overcome such fraud and abuse challenges,” says Ken Soh, CEO at Athena Dynamics “White Ops’ credentials in upholding Marketing and Application Integrity is well manifested in many of its success stories, tracing even way back to 2015 when it was the first to discover Methbot which stole USD 3m to 5m daily from ads frauds globally. We are therefore confident that the partnership will help industries protect effectively against advanced and sophisticated bot threats which are proliferating rapidly in the global landscape.”