Cyber awareness has been a neglected necessity in many organizations. Without proper training, your staff may find it difficult to identify potential online threats. With heightened and wide spread incidents that continue to make headlines globally, the “awareness to be aware” has never been stronger.

Why Have Cyber Threat Awareness Training?

Cyber threats are ubiquitous in this day and age. Having an appropriate defence is integral in keeping your company safe.


Most cyber-attacks manipulate gullible, unknowing employees to becoming their gateway to infiltrating your system.


They can do this easily via a plethora of creative, yet unscrupulous ways. Some utilise phishing, disguising themselves as a friendly co-worker or a keen customer, extracting sensitive data from you without you even knowing.


Others infect a document with ransomware, encrypting all your data the moment a naïve employee downloads it.


Cyber threats thrive on ignorance. If we can get rid of this ignorance via education, such threats would have a much more difficult time entering our system.

Our Solution: Athena Dynamics Academy

Customised Lessons

Our lessons cater to people across all appointments, ranging from employees, IT staff, and senior management. Different appointments require different skillsets, and in Athena Dynamics, we have designed tailor-made lessons for you and your company.

Phishing Training and Awareness Campaigns

Phishing is one of the most common types of cyber threats. We have analysed the latest phishing techniques and come out with ways and means to easily identify them

Hands-on Lab Training

We offer advanced training with 1000+ hands-on labs for security professionals. We will teach you the various steps and procedure required to operate our technology

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