From corporate processes to compliances;
From ERM and BCM to DR and IT Governance.
Organizations are overloaded with checklists, policies and therefore compliances.

Unfortunately, the focuses need to be fine-tuned.
It is no longer just about compliances.
100% compliance is a different story from having a good enterprise cyber security posture.
A good enterprise security posture does not mean to achieve 100% compliances.
The unfortunate fact is, deep and operation-centric cyber security screening has long been neglected.

“Security by Design”, “Security in Depth”. We are not short of good methodologies. Unfortunately, such frameworks are as good as just academic slogans if we do not practically gap-fit and fine-tune solutions operationally. One can never hone skills effectively without practices. “Security by Practice” is therefore the critical success factor to real and effective protection.

No security is as secured as being screened and tested by gurus from countries-at-war. Does your BPR have security by design? Have you scored 100% in compliance lately and feeling that advanced threats are probably still lurking? Is our annual audit exercise sufficient to uncover our most serious vulnerabilities? Are certified ethical hackers the benchmark for quality screening? We believe in Deep Security Screening alongside processes and compliances. Deep Security Screening is an “engineering art”. It is not about certification, compliances, standards in the new landscapes of advanced threats. We need state-level practitioners to help strengthen our security posture effectively and pragmatically.

Achieving True Cyber Security

Compliance alone isn’t enough to defend against cyber threats. We need both Compliance security and Operational Security to achieve true cyber security.

  1. Compliance security is a paper exercise for certification. It helps as a high level framework but it is typically not useful to prevent real attacks. We are not short of examples were enterprises are breached after passing compliances with flying colors
  1. Operational security is what is otherwise known as ‘real security’. While no security is 100%, operational security is directly relevant to reduce the real risk of attack. Examples include the technologies for monitoring, VAPT, sanitization, isolation etc. 

Our Solutions

Good Hackers Alliance (gha)

Good Hackers Alliance (gha) focuses on human and bot Deep Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (Deep VAPT) to uncover threats and vulnerabilities that common VAPT service providers fail to identify. With gha, we ensure that your operational security is taken care of.

Speak to us to learn more about gha.

Meeting Your Paper Compliance

We will help you achieve your ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and HIPAA compliances. Equipped with both paper compliance and operational security, you can be sure that your system is fully secured.