The New Paradigm

Have you invested a fortune in training, compliances, advanced detection technologies and yet your infrastructure is still being compromised?

Let’s get to the fundamentals of cyber protections. Let’s re-think it from its core. Let’s have a new Assurance Framework.

Sasa Software

A world's only detection-less sanitization (CDR) platform with fine-grained file cleansing capability that supports more than 300 file types. The technology has protected more than 350 CIIs since 2009 with no incident.


DerSecur performs white-box testing of application with or without source codes for backdoors and vulnerabilities


A 1G high-end cross-domain and data diode solution with Linux based proxies for CII protection with patented segregation technologies


A well-deployed, cost-effective Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) solution that protects organizations from advanced threats via zero-trust secure browser access technology.


The world's fastest & most comprehensive DFIR Solution - collect, collate & collaborate in under 10mins rather than weeks.


Commugen offers the world’s first no-code cyber GRC automation platform. The platform visualizes and modernizes the entire risk management and compliance process, building resilience through automation.

E.S. Embedded Solutions 3000

Invisible, Zero-Trust network appliances for organizations, enabling bi-directional secured SCADA for OT/IT networks.

Good Hackers Alliance

An alliance of hand-picked hacking groups especially from countries at digital wars with world-class track records in Deep Cyber Audit & VAPT


BUFFERZONE is a software-defined virtual container isolation technology that allows users to interact with unsecured applications (not just browsers) and sources of information without risking their business.

IT Care Center

End-to-end management solution for your IT operations, on a single platform. A robust platform, yet an affordable one, with the optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Antivirus and firewalls are no longer sufficient today. It is a question of when, not if, the attacker will get inside your network and gain access to your user accounts. Discover this early, and stop the breach at its bud.


A SCADA monitoring platform that specializes in real-time behavioural analytics of OPC data passively extracted from control systems