A 1G high-end cross-domain and data diode solution with Linux based proxies for CII protection with patented segregation technologies


We specialise in securing critical data in motion.

Secure digitalisation is a huge challenge for most organisations. With cyberattacks more frequent and aggressive as ever, the issue of information security not only has to be addressed but also dealt with quickly and effectively to protect critical data. 


This is Advenica’s core.

How We Plan A Cyber Project


Here we analyze your identified security challenges and ensure that the correct level of security is defined.


We design the products to suit your specific needs.


The products are developed according to the agreed requirements specifications so that your specific security needs are met. 

Our products are designed to cover a variety of scenarios and can in most cases be used directly.


We can also tailor and adapt solutions for all needs. Advenica’s platform has a flexible design and thus supports customer-specific situations such as the need to handle proprietary protocols.


An example could be when existing equipment that so far has been in an isolated environment is now to be integrated into a more open network.

Products and Services

Zone Guard

A customised information policy-based solution for companies who need to enable secure, precise information exchange between security domains

Data Diodes

We prevent intrusions, leakages, and both network confidentiality and integrity. This high assurance solution safeguards assets for operators within ICS/SCADA or the defence industry


Self-erasing USB that can completely erase all its content either manually, by the user, or automatically after 24 hours of inactivity.

File Security Screener

The File Security Screener is a high assurance Cross Domain Solution with malware security scanning and content disarm and reconstruction capabilities

Secure Remote Access

 Secure Remote Access is a high security solution that offers data loss- and intrusion-prevention.


Quantum-secure IP encryption modules, SecuriVPN ISA, for tactical and strategic defence use. Certified for use up to and including the highest information classification level, SECRET.

SecuriVPN Arana

The quantum-safe network encryptor SecuriVPN Arana provides customers with the strongest possible protection against interceptions, replay attacks and manipulation of information. Approved by the European Union for use up to and including the highest information classification level, SECRET UE/EU SECRET.


The first communication solution with integrated protection against the most advanced cyberattacks. It ensures long-term sustainable communication privacy in the post-quantum age, a business necessity for every successful organisation.

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