A platform-agnostic
hardware-isolated computation
and storage system with
HW root of trust


What Do We Do?

We enhance and secure your devices and apps by offloading sensitive processing and data into Hardware Isolated and Obfuscated computational enclave.

Bluechip Systems build unique portable and programmable computing systems that bring state-of-the-art processing and secure storage to the network edge

Introducing MicroCloud X4: The Tiniest Linux computer ever created

Features: CoolEngine-based SOC

CoolEngine’s low-power, high-performance processor IP enables MicroCloud X4 to deliver best-in-class programmable processing

Broad Range of Applications:

Able to be used in: 

  • Secure Storage

  • Communication 

  • Operating Systems

  • Processing Environments For Use In Gov/Enterprise/Consumer Solutions

Additional Microcloud X4 Features

End-point hardware-isolated computation and storage with HW Root of Trust 

Suitable to run heavy duty vision and sensor processing, AI and learning algorithms on the edge

Plug-n-play operation via industry-standard interfaces (SD, microSD, USD)

Flexible programmability agnostic to host hardware architecture, OS and networking

Smallest possible footprint and ultra-low power consumption

FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified: Overall Level: 2, Physical Security: Level 3 and EMI/EMC: Level 3

NIAP Common Criteria Full Drive Encryption (in evaluation)

Industry and government-grade environmental specifications

Complete suite of HW and SW developing kits

Microcloud X4 Compatibility

Microcloud Protection Includes:

  • Sensitive user data in phones, tablets, flash drives and security cards

  • Residential and Enterprise Gateways

  • Smart meters of power grids

  • Sensors of oil/water/gas pipelines

  • Sensors and controls of autonomous and connected vehicles and drones

  • ATMs and Point of Sale terminals


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