E.S. Embedded Solutions 3000

Invisible, Zero-Trust network appliances for organizations, enabling bi-directional secured SCADA for OT/IT networks.

E.S. Embedded Solutions 3000

Our Product

A Stealth, Bi-directional  Proposition for CII Protection

  1.  Operates invisibly at layer-2 without MAC nor IP-addres

  2.  Shield firewalls from backdoor by making them “invisible” too

  3.  Secured bi-directional SCADA communication

  4.  Thwart “rouge insiders”, even those with privileges, passwords and keys.

  5.  Capable of IT and OT protocols (including Legacy)

  6.  Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & Swift installation in an hour

  7.  No change in network architecture nor operations

  8.  Track record in protecting CIIs since 2010

  9.  White Box Cryptography (WBC) compliant


 ISO 27001

OT IEC 62443

ISO/IEC 19790 Level 4