Good Hackers Alliance

An alliance of hand-picked hacking groups especially from countries at digital wars with world-class track records in Deep Cyber Audit & VAPT

Good Hackers Alliance

Good Hackers Alliance (GHA) focuses on Deep Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (Deep VAPT) to uncover threats and vulnerabilities that common VAPT service providers fail to identify. Some of the credentials include: winner of world class hacking competitions year after year since 2010, success stories in penetration into critical infra-structures in various large scale and high profile assignments.

Specifically, GHA experts have been helping numerous critical infra-structures such as banks, energy, water, chemical plants achieve world-class level security clearance. One prominent example is, in a consented VAPT assignment commissioned by a governmental ministry, GHA managed to gain control of the gate of a water dam in just 7 hours of indirect hacking from the internet. On references, GHA has over the years established important credentials in penetration testing of planes, cars and industrial control systems; and with that, assisted the customers to achieve high level assurance of the security postures of their IT and OT operations.

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