Good Hackers Alliance

An alliance of hand-picked hacking groups especially from countries at digital wars with world-class track records in Deep Cyber Audit & VAPT

Good Hackers Alliance

Who Are We?

The gha is formed by a group of hackers, specially screened and handpicked from across the world.


We are experienced, competent, and confident.

Our members from gha have been consecutive winners of several world class hacking competitions since 2010, further cementing ourselves in the industry’s top tier.

What Do We Do?

Good Hackers Alliance (gha) focuses on Deep Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (Deep VAPT) of enterprise IT and industrial OT systems to uncover threats and vulnerabilities that common VAPT service providers fail to identify. 

We search for all vulnerabilities – regardless of how severe they are, and advice you on how to fix them in order to make sure that your systems remain secure. 

Our Background

gha experts have been helping numerous critical info-infrastructures (CII) such as banks, energy, water, chemical plants achieve world-class levels of security clearance.

One of our most significant case studies would be a consented VAPT assignment commissioned by a certain governmental ministry for us to hack into a national water dam.

The unnamed government was extremely confident because they had taken several countermeasures to ensure that their dam couldn’t be hacked so easily.

However, our team was able to gain control of the water dam in just 7 hours of indirect hacking from the internet.

Over the years, gha has managed to establish important credentials in penetration testing of plans, cars, and industrial control systems; and thus assisting customers in achieving a high level of security assurance for both their IT and OT operations.


Our Services

Auto / Manual VAPT

We provide various types of Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing to increase flexibility and ensure thoroughness

Hackers With State Level Credentials

Security by practice, not just security by design. Our hackers do not merely have theory and certifications, but also have state-level practical skills and experience

Dark Web Scanning

We trawl through the dark web for leaked credentials and digital assets in facilitation of focused protection measures by CIOs/CISOs.

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