A SCADA monitoring platform that specializes in real-time behavioural analytics of OPC data passively extracted from control systems


Cyber Threats Are Evolving...

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) attacks have been steadily increasing in recent years. A successful cyber-attack of this sort on a power or water utility or a manufacturing plant could be devastating, resulting in safety and environmental hazards on top of financial loss.

Our Solution…

The ICS2 OnGuard IIDS (Industrial Intrusion Detection System) is a security appliance that enables your industrial plant security teams to detect sophisticated cyber-attacks on SCADA systems without interfering with the plant’s industrial processes.

Why Us?

ICS2 offers the following unique and differentiated propositions directly pertinent to SCADA operators:

1. No installation needed

2. OEM agnostic, plant-wide inter-OEM behavioural analytics

3. Alert on not just cyber related suspicions, also on findings for operational and predictive maintenance management

Our Features

Process Behavior Baseline

OnGuard IIDS analyses the behavior of the plant’s operational control data and creates a baseline of the plant’s process operation.

Anomaly Detection

System continously moniters the plant’s operational data, searching for suspicious behavior patterns.

Alerts & Forensics

 When an anomaly is detected, a log is recorded and an alert is raised to the security team

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