A SCADA monitoring platform that specializes in real-time behavioural analytics of OPC data passively extracted from control systems


ICS2 – Intelligent Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems

Today’s cyber criminals are more organized, better financed and more sophisticated than ever before. Over the past few years, a new breed of cyber -attack has emerged targeting the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) control systems that manage and automate industrial processes. A successful cyber-attack of this sort on a power or water utility or a manufacturing plant could be devastating, resulting in not only financial loss and customer dissatisfaction, but also safety and environmental hazards. In order to address this challenge, industrial plant security managers need to be able to protect their operational assets from cyber threats.

The ICS2 OnGuard IIDS (Industrial Intrusion Detection System) is a security appliance that enables your industrial plant security teams to detect sophisticated cyber-attacks on SCADA systems without interfering with the plant’s industrial processes.

–  Process Behavior Baseline – OnGuard IIDS analyzes the behavior of the plant’s operational control data (pressure, temperature, valves status, flow values, etc.), creating a baseline of the plant’s normal process operation.

–  Anomaly Detection – The system continuously monitors the plant’s operational data and compares it to the Process Behavior Baseline, searching for anomalous, or suspicious behavior patterns.

–  Alerts & Forensics – Once it detects an anomaly, the system logs a description, raises an alarm to the security team, and shows a graphic analysis of the anomalous process for rapid forensics and recovery.

ICS2 OnGuard IIDS detects sophisticated cyber-attacks designed to be hidden as well as insider attacks made by employees, or partners who have authorized access to the system. The OnGuard system creates its own plant-specific behavior signatures and is therefore capable of detecting cyber-attacks that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities (zero-day attacks) as well as unintentional human errors and misconfigurations that impact plant productivity.

The ICS2 Big-Data Analysis platform is utilized in power plants, water treatment plants and industrial facilities giving the operator and security teams greater visibility into their operational processes and provides early detection for hidden cyber events before they escalate into disastrous incidents.

Specialties – ICS/SCADA cyber-threat detection, process behavior analysis, operational performance analytics, predictive maintenance.

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