Invisiron® Cyber Defence

We are the First and Last Line of Cyber Defence, providing a Next-Generation Cyber Defence Platform that is proactive, robust and invisible to intruders.

Invisiron® Cyber Defence

At Invisiron®, we believe the outcome of the cyber war is determined at the frontlines. Bringing together the best industry practices and latest technologies in cybersecurity, we have designed the next-generation Cyber Defence device that is proactive, robust and most importantly invisible to intruders.

At the core of Invisiron® is C3X™, which features three mission-critical technologies

Invisible Stealth Mode​

The Invisiron® Cyber Defence device operates in stealth mode, without any IP addresses or Media Access Control (MAC) addresses. This renders it invisible to cyber criminals when deployed. Hackers attempting to penetrate the network will not be able to detect the presence of an Invisiron® device.

Ultra-Fast In-line Packet Processing Speed

Network packets are processed at near line rate without degrading the Internet bandwidth.

Powerful Bi-Directional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)​

The Invisiron® Cyber Defence device’s powerful DPI engine is capable of inspecting network traffic in both directions. The DPI engine is controlled by rules that are automatically provided through the Invisiron® Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) feed.

Our Key Features:

Advanced Threat Protection

Our device protects your organisation againstpersistent threats and many other malware

Invisible Stealth Mode

Invisiron® devices do not require a MAC or IP address to operate. Hackers will not be able to detect the presence of an Invisiron device in a network.

Automatic Threat Mitigation

Invisiron® offers  a pro-active Cyber Defence platform with auto threat mitigation.

Ultra-Fast-In-Line Processing Speed

Packets are processed at near line speed without degradation of your Internet bandwidth.

DDoS Protection

We are able to mitigate both volumetric 

and protocol-based DDoS attacks.

No Changes to Existing Network Infrastructure

A plug-and-play complete Cyber Defence solution without having the need to make any changes to existing IT infrastructure networks.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (Invisiron-CTI™)

Invisiron-CTI™ comes from over 30 globally validated sources which are updated and pushed down to every Invisiron® device every hour automatically.

LAN IP Isolation

Proactively isolates suspicious LAN IPs using a machine learning algorithm.

DNS Security (Data Exfiltration)

Our DNS threat analytics ruleset is able to detect and automatically block data exfiltration attempts via DNS.

Robust, Comprehensive, and Milti-Pronged

For ease-of-use and a peace of mind, the Invisiron® Cyber Defence platform comes with Invisiron® Cyber Defence device, Invisiron-CTI™ (Cyber Threat Intelligence) and Invisiron® Threat Commander Remote Monitoring Tool.

Threat Commander Remote Monitoring Utility

Every malicious packet that is mitigated by Invisiron® can be reviewed in our Remote Monitoring System and allows our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) teams to perform forensics on compromised assets.

High Availability

Invisiron® devices support High Availability.

Bi-Directional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Our powerful DPI engine is capable of inspecting a packet down to a single byte level for both incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.

Carrier Diversity

Invisiron® devices support Carrier Diversity.

Mobile App

The Invisiron® Mobile App offers a convenient way to check device health status and cyber posture, real-time, on the go.

Geo IP Blocking

Invisiron® devices are able to block network connections based on geographical locations and countries

Why Invisiron®?

We have a proactive Cyber Defence device with Auto Threat Mitigation

Our solutions are plug-and-play, which do not require any changes to existing IT infrastructure networks.

Our stealth Cyber Defence technology is completely invisible to hackers when deployed.

An in-line Cyber Defence device that does not impact Internet bandwidth performance.

Our Award

Our Cyber Defence device is certified with the International Common Criteria Certification

  1. DDoS Protection Only Applicable to S-6000DDoS
  2. DNS Security (Data Exfiltration) Only Applicable to S-6000DNS
  3. High Availability Not available for S-1000
  4. Carrier Diversity Only available for S-4000
  5. Mobile App Only available for S-1000 and S-4000