A 9-layer, ultra-deep-scanning anti-malware & sanitization (CDR) powerhouse augmentable by uni-directional data diodes with Wintel based proxies


Sasa Software, founded in mid-2012, specializes in stringent and critical IT security with a focus on solutions for network separation and cross-domain requirements in IT and OT environments.

Specifically, Gate Scanner (GS) is differentiated from the rest of cyber security tools as a global pioneer of network separation solution via “Content Disarm and Re-construction” (CDR) technology. Please see the following for an independent report by research body SKTI. GS has also been awarded recently by the independent global industry research firm Frost & Sullivan for the Industry Control Systems (ICS) Vendor of the Year Award 2017.

Mainstream tools today focus on detection of malware/anomalies via all kinds of very advanced technologies, e.g. advanced AVs, sand-boxing, analytics, machine learning etc. However, in today’s zero-trust world, advance threats cannot be detected in the first place, regardless of how advanced the detection technology is. Nothing being detected does not mean that it is safe. Basically, “detection” itself is insufficient. GS focuses on non-detection CDR technologies. It does not depend just on detection. It “sanitizes” digital objects and making sure that impure elements in the digital objects does not exist.

Sasa-Software is owned by Kibbutz Sasa and is situated in northern Israel. Their solutions have been deployed successfully in more than 150 sites in Israeli, Singapore, U.S. and other countries, protecting the stringent and critical networks of governmental agencies, defence platforms, financial institutions, energy and water plants (SCADA systems) and healthcare service providers. A condensed compilation of topologies of live and real deployments is available for reference on request.

Sasa-Software encompasses a unique multi-engine, multi-vector, ultra-deep-scanning engine for the filtering of malware and APTs. The engine comes in standard or enterprise versions. This allows the solution to be scalable from its simplest form of a single engine deployment to a virtually unlimited number of engines in an engine farm for high-bandwidth requirements. The engine farm employs a highly parallel and loosely coupled processing architecture in provision of on-the-fly scaling up or scaling down capability without the need for system shut-down.

Sasa-Software also comes with SDK for organizations that wish to customize and blend the strong-gate protection into their confidential network.

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