IT Care Center

End-to-end management solution for your IT operations, on a single platform. A robust platform, yet an affordable one, with the optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

IT Care Center

IT Care Center is an end-to-end management solution for your IT operations, on a single platform.

A robust platform, yet an affordable one, it comes with the optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Including just the right set of features for your company, it has a built-in configuration and customization platform for flexible implementation.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT Care Center manages your entire IT processes using ITIL best practices and configurable workflows. A comprehensive solution allowing all IT services to be managed in one place, included are:

  • Service level agreements (SLAs) management 
  • Self-service portal
  • Email integration, knowledge base, and self-help utilities

Service Catalog

The service catalog is an online catalog of the services supported by IT – accessible to your customers. It provides automated workflows and approval mechanisms specific to each service, which can be customized to one’s professional needs.

Organizational benefits of the service catalog include:

  • Reducing the costs of delivering services
  • decreasing the time for the completion of services
  • Provides organization with better-managed resources
  • Measurably improves customer satisfaction
  • Ensures employees only have access to required software, thus saving on licensing fees


Assets management

Discovers and tracks the software and hardware installed on your enterprise laptops, desktops, and servers. 

Providing accurate inventory, software contracts utilization, and compliance management, it is also integrated with the service management module to provide wide visibility.

This ensures that you are not overspending or penalised on software licenses.

Application Delivery

Manages your releases and sprints through the agile IT-ALM process. Configurable boards for your application teams and summary dashboards for engaging your business leaders. 


A built-in reporting tool that includes predefined reports and dashboards with online information. Ad hoc reports can be quickly generated, saved, shared, and exported. With the help of the dashboards, you can easily identify trends, improve your efficiency, measure your SLA, and improve your IT services.

The Dashboard

Intuitive and easy to use, color-coded measurements are used to update team members and management on performance, efficiency, and effectiveness. 

View incident responses at a glance, check out your SLA resolution rates, or track how many incidents were resolved using the self-service portal with the robust dashboards. 

There’s no need to ever guess how well your team is performing!


All Features Included With Purchase

All IT Core Processes Integrated Into 1 Platform

Offering Central Control, Cross-Visibility, & Insights

Improve Efficiency & Performance

Simple & Easy To Implement

ITCC Can Be Installed On Cloud

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