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DerSecur Empowers Cybersecurity Innovators of Tomorrow at the National University of Costa Rica with AppSec Technology

2023 December 182023 December 18
12:00 pm12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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In a landmark initiative, DerSecur, a leader in application security, partners with the National University of Costa Rica through their cybersecurity R&D Laboratory (LabCibe), to provide state-of-the-art DerScanner licenses. This collaboration is set to revolutionize cybersecurity education, equipping future professionals with top-tier industry tools.


Fostering Next-Gen Application Security Expertise

Acknowledging the hurdles faced by educational institutions in procuring advanced technological tools, DerSecur takes a significant step by offering non-commercial licenses of its premier application security scanner, DerScanner. This initiative is expected to enhance the educational landscape for students and educators at the National University of Costa Rica, a renowned hub for computer science and cybersecurity excellence.

Dan Chernov, CEO of DerScanner, comments on this initiative: “We are thrilled to collaborate with the National University of Costa Rica. Providing our DerScanner licenses is our way of contributing to the development of future leaders in application security.”


A Milestone for Costa Rican Educational Advancements

The National University of Costa Rica, a prestigious institution in Central America, is celebrated for its comprehensive and innovative programs, especially in technology and cybersecurity. This partnership with DerSecur marks a significant advancement in equipping its students with real-world, industry-standard tools and knowledge.

Professor Alex Villegas from the National University of Costa Rica shares his perspective: “Having DerScanner as a part of our educational toolkit opens new horizons for our students. It’s an invaluable resource for diving deep into the world of application security.”


About National University of Costa Rica
The National University of Costa Rica, one of the leading public universities in Costa Rica, based in Heredia, is globally recognized, ranking 85th in Latin America and 1576th in the world. Renowned for its strong programs in various fields, it offers a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum and numerous Master of Arts degrees to over 12,000 students.

The Cybersecurity R&D Laboratory’s (LabCibe) mission is to promote research, development, and innovation projects in Cybersecurity, through specialized human resources and scientific technology at the National University (UNA), in cybersecurity, incident response, the preservation of privacy, and software development.

About DerSecur
DerSecur, established in 2011, is at the forefront of application security. Its team of 70 experts has developed DerScanner, a versatile application security solution that supports 36 programming languages and provides both static and dynamic analysis. DerSecur is committed to furthering cybersecurity research and development, ensuring a more secure digital future.