Speaking and Plenary

DiCyFor Security Summit 2017

2017 November 72017 November 7
9:00 am9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Swissotel Merchant Court, SingaporeSwissotel Merchant Court, Singapore

Event Details

DiCyFor Security Summit


  • Date : 07th -08th November 2017
  • Avenue :Swissotel Merchant Court, Singapore
  • Title: Critical Info Infra-Structure (CII) Cyber Security: Where Are The Missing Gaps?


Despite ongoing improvements in the world of cyber security, whether it be advancements in technology, enhanced processes, or educating people, there are still frequent headlines in the media of breaches, and organisations being compromised. The risk can never be 100% removed and threats and exposures continue to escalate and are now expanding into Critical Info Infra-structures (CII).
What can we do to mitigate the risk as much as it can be, and what are the common gaps in today’s cyber protection strategies.

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