2023 May 32023 May 3
9:00 am9:00 am - 7:00 pm
PARKROYAL on Beach Road HotelPARKROYAL on Beach Road Hotel

Event Details

Athena Dynamics would like to announce that Nyan Tun Zaw, Regional SVP, Business Development at Athena Dynamics, will be presenting at DiCyFor Security Summit Singapore 2023 happening on the 4th May at PARKROYAL on Beach Road Hotel Singapore. 

Athena Dynamics and Good Hackers Alliance is a proud knowledge sponsor of the DICYFOR Security Summit Singapore 2023.

Common gaps in today’s cybersecurity protection and why a shift in perspective is needed to address these advanced threats

Cyber-criminals have often shown to be able to bypass or breach even some of the most well-established organizations despite the fact that these organizations have various security programs in place so what could have been missing?

During this talk, we will dive deeper into some of the common gaps in today’s mainstream security practices and 
how some of the latest approaches in the cyber space could potentially fill these gaps. 

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