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Droid Yangon 2019

2019 July 92019 July 9
9:00 am9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Taw Win Garden Hotel, YangonTaw Win Garden Hotel, Yangon

Event Details

DroidYangon is an Android conference where engineers take the leading role. It’s filled with exclusive sessions, the latest and greatest in Android development, and great engineers like you! DroidYangon 2019 becomes an opportunity to help connect and enlarge the Android community. They are the organizers behind successful Google’s biggest conference GDG DevFest Yangon 2016, 2017 & 2018. Each conferences had more than 400 attendees.

Nyan Tun Zaw, AVP of Business Development at Athena Dynamics, has done a sharing session on the following topic at DroidYangon 2019.

Talk Title

My app is secured! Wait, are you sure?

Talk Abstract

Hackers are becoming smarter and more creative in the ways they infiltrate traditional defense mechanisms. Knowing this, more developers are already starting to follow secured programming practices but what else have they been missing? Are the basic data and file security validations good enough?

Talk Description

Traditionally, as developers, our priority has always been to develop stable, well-designed and useful applications, which naturally brings our focus largely on the features and architecture of the application. However, with more and more data breaches and hacking incidents happening around the world, costing billions of dollars to corporations, security is no longer an area we can ignore. With more and more awareness campaigns in the developer community, people are starting to follow secured programming practices but is this really all there is to the security of your application or customer data? Unfortunately not, especially for android native or web-based android applications that allows user file uploads. File-based attacks are getting more and more sophisticated and traditional security measures are failing to handle them effectively. Be it ransomware or advanced persistent threats, these malwares are seriously threatening an organization’s reputation and costing incredibly painful damages.

In this talk, Nyan Tun Zaw will be sharing about what are some of the potential loopholes, what are some of the sophisticated ways attackers use for file-based attacks and how they can bypass the traditional security measure as well as what are the latest security technologies available out there in the wild that could be useful in mitigating this risk.

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