Sit-Down Conference 2023

2023 November 232023 November 23
10:35 am10:35 am - 11:05 am

Event Details

Nyan Tun Zaw, CISSP, CISO & Regional Senior Vice President for Business Development at Athena Dynamics Pte Ltd and Secretary of (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter executive committee, will be having a panel at the Sit-Down Conference, an invitation-only conference that brings together technology executives from the region’s most influential Enterprise and Government organisations, on the 23rd November, 10:35am MPST.

Join Zaw for an illuminating panel discussion that brings together the expertise of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Data Officers (CDOs), in a unified exploration of “Charting Digital Resilience: Data, Security, and Innovation in the Age of Transformation.”

In this unique session, our panelists—each representing a distinct yet interconnected aspect of the digital landscape—will converge to shed light on the critical interplay between data-driven strategies, fortified security measures, and innovation-driven growth. As we journey through the evolving terrain of digital transformation, we’ll uncover how these leaders collaboratively navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing technological environment.

From unleashing the potential of data insights to the intricacies of securing valuable digital assets, and from fostering an innovation culture that thrives on disruption to ensuring airtight defenses against evolving threats, our panelists will share real-world experiences, strategies, and visionary insights that drive the quest for digital resilience. Be prepared for a dynamic discussion that underscores the holistic approach required to steer organizations confidently toward a secure, data-powered, and innovation-fueled future.

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