BUFFERZONE is a software-defined virtual container isolation technology that allows users to interact with unsecured applications (not just browsers) and sources of information without risking their business.


What Is Bufferzone?

The BUFFERZONE virtual container protects any application that you define as insecure. BUFFERZONE is transparent to both the application and the end-user, yet completely seals off threats from the rest of the computer.

Unlike conventional endpoint detection solutions that depend on signatures or behavioral profiles to detect malicious activity, BUFFERZONE simply isolates malware regardless of whether it is known or new,  and prevents it from doing any harm.

Why Bufferzone?

With BUFFERZONE Endpoint Protection Software, employees can safely browse the internet and open attachments in a virtual environment, and then securely remove files that they need from the container and share them with the rest of the organization.

While malware cannot exit the container, BUFFERZONE tracks malicious activity where it can do no harm and shares it with enterprise analytics. 



Virtual Containment

  • Untrusted sources are isolated in a virtualized container

  • Potential threats isolated from endpoint’s native resources

Safe Browsing

  • BUFFERZONE automatically opens contained and uncontained instances of the browser

Network Separation

  • Endpoint-based network segmentation

  • Define separate firewall-type rules for contained and uncontained applications

Removable Media Protection

  • Access to the removable media is contained

  • Media accessible only from contained applications such as BUFFERZONE explore

Email Attachment Containment

  • Contains attachments from external sources

  • Emails arriving from outside the organization are saved uncontained on endpoints but are then opened on any protected endpoint in a BUFFERZONE container.

Secure Bridge

  • A CDR service cleans content from contained files before moving them to the trusted environment

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