From corporate processes to compliances;
From ERM and BCM to DR and IT Governance.
Organizations are overloaded with checklists, policies and therefore compliances.

Unfortunately, the focuses need to be fine-tuned.
It is no longer just about compliances.
100% compliance is a different story from having a good enterprise cyber security posture.
A good enterprise security posture does not mean to achieve 100% compliances.
The unfortunate fact is, deep and operation-centric cyber security screening has long been neglected.

Security in-depth, Security insight
No security is as secured as being screened and tested by gurus-at-war from countries-at-war

Does your BPR have security by design?
Have you scored 100% in compliance lately and feeling that malware is probably still lurking?
Is our annual audit exercise sufficient to uncover our most deadly vulnerabilities?
Are certified ethical hackers the benchmark for quality screening?

We believe in Deep Security Screening alongside Processes to be complete
Deep Security Screening is an “engineering art”
There is no certification, compliances, standards in the new landscapes of advanced threats
We need real war-time gurus who are experienced in defending state funded level of cyber threats