Sasa Software

A world's only detection-less sanitization (CDR) platform with fine-grained file cleansing capability that supports more than 300 file types. The technology has protected more than 350 CIIs since 2009 with no incident.

Sasa Software

Our Features

GateScanner® utilises Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), a detectionless-based process that breaks down and reconstructs every element in a file.

The file is then rebuilt to its original vendor specifications – reassembled in a way that disrupts any possibly remaining, undetected malicious code.

The end result is a completely new, yet functionally identical copy of the original file, delivered in real time.


Disassembles complex files to seek deeply hidden threats

Deep Threat Scans

Increases threat detection and prevents file spoofing using multiple True Type scans, verifies files signatures

Ex. Tools Integrations

Integrates with external security soluitions such as sandboxes, Next-Gen AVs

File Reduction

Security for outgoing files via content search and replace, metadata removal, reformatting, and policy enforcement

Content Disarm

Sanitzes potentially malicious elements, scripts, macros, links, while keeping trusted content and restructuring the file 


Reconstructs into a harmless files, maintaining visability and usability

Our Process

Step 1: Deconstruction

File deconstruction to elementary components.

Step 2:

Deep threat detection with TrueType identification, Multi-AV scans, AI detection, and file signature verification.

Step 3:

Proprietary file disarm of components from any potentially harmful components

Step 4: Reconstruction

Advanced file reconstruction, removing all components that do not meet the  security policy.

Our Partnership - SASA Software and Athena Dynamics

Sasa Software specializes in  critical IT security with a focus on solutions for network separation and cross-domain requirements in IT and OT environments. 


With its strong CII customer base developed via Athena Dynamics, Sasa has formed a strategic partnership with Athena Dynamics as a principle presence in the region.


Under the new structure, Athena Dynamics continues to serve Singapore customers as Sasa’s distributor while Sasa APAC will seek regional opportunity by appointing distributions and resellers in the region.

Why Choose Us?

We Are Reliable

350 CIIs, 0 incidents

We Are Compatible

300+ files types supported

We Are Reputable

300+ happy customers worldwide

We Are Flexible

Modular, scalable, and highly configurable

We Are Meticulous

World's only fine-grained CDR

Our Awards

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